Caunounics Records Logo

Caunounics Records is the label created to release and promote the music of Ben Cooley Hall and the music of The Mary Reillys.

Ben Cooley Hall – Indie guitar pop with heart and vision.

The Mary Reillys – Jangly, wistful guitar pop played by Keira Flynn Carson (drums),
Deb Klein (bass, guitar, and harmony vocals), and Ben Cooley Hall (lead vocals, guitar),
circa 1999 – 2003 (and perhaps beyond).


The following CDs are available for purchase from Caunounicus:
Ben Cooley Hall, Owning Up To A Life (full-length, 2009) – $12.
The Mary Reillys, Sock Is The New Rock (EP, 2001) – $8.
To order, contact
or send a check or money order to
Caunounicus Records, 139 Payton St., Providence, Rhode Island 02905

To book Ben Cooley Hall, contact: